Amelie's Cafe

Turn Amelie's Cafe into the hippest hangout in town as you feed the famished masses! Stay on your toes as you take orders, tell your chefs what to cook, deliver food and keep your joint sparkling clean. Hotter than a side of chili fries and sweeter than a strawberry shake, Amelie's Cafe will satisfy your craving for fast-paced fun!
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have the ability to save status before ending game so I could pickup my game play when starting again. As it is, if you leave the game after an hour, you lose all progress and have to start over at zero next time.

cracker39, 02.09.2012, 22:45
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See that the chat bubbles slow down and give players time to actually read through everything so they know exactly what they are doing.

Samantha, 02.09.2012, 20:05